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From Local to Global

Fall 2013 cover

On the Cover: Former UN Secretary-general Kofi Anan delivers keynote address at the opening of the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice
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Working toward international peace and justice has been an integral part of CUNY Law since its founding.

Students were addressing global issues such as immigrants’ well-being from the very first years of the clinical program, and that work continues today in the Immigrant and

Non-Citizen Rights Clinic. Under the leadership of Dean Haywood Burns, the school became a beacon for people passionate about global justice. In the early 1990s, Professor Rhonda Copelon founded the International Women’s Human Rights Clinic, which has become a leading voice for human rights around the world. Now, a new gathering place — the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice exists at CUNY Law for like-minded advocates to share best practices and collaborate for a more just and peaceful world.