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Your relationship with CUNY Law doesn't end at graduation. With programs, events and networking opportunities, we're with you throughout your career.

Practice / Affinity Groups

The immigration practice group has a planning meeting at the law school.

Pictured: The immigration practice group has a planning meeting at the law school.

Practice and affinity groups allow us to be in communication with other alumni in our area of law or area of interests within the law. You can join as many groups as you like and can opt-in or out as you wish. Practice groups allow for referrals or immediate help as you encounter a new twist on a legal challenge or they can be platforms for discussions as new developments emerge in the field.

Groups also will serve as a vehicle to welcome new graduates entering your practice area with the expertise and generosity of the established group. The platform we are using now is Google Groups. All groups will start virtually and each will have the option to also meet in person or to support specific events or student groups at the law school. Each group can choose what works best.

Group Facilitation

We are looking for volunteers so that each group can be lightly co-facilitated. Our hope is that alumni members with at least 3 years of experience will rotate in and out of this role periodically. Co-facilitators will:

  • Encourage new members
  • Provide basic administration of the Google Group (inviting, adding members, etc.)
  • Generate conversations as you see interesting cases or events in your field
  • Moderate the group where necessary
  • Respond to member inquiries
  • Maintain listserv/forum protocols to support professionalism and accuracy.

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