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Contemplative Practice of Law

Being a social justice advocate or public interest lawyer is not easy. It takes real commitment to go into some of society’s most painful places and offer excellent legal service that is healing to those in need. To be effective over time, the lawyer’s personal inner resources must match their professional legal expertise. This is what we call developing one’s “inner credentials.”

The CUNY Contemplative Urban Law Project (CCULP) started as part of CLRN over 15 years ago, providing alumni, students, staff, and administrators classes in meditation and yoga. The program continues to thrive at CUNY Law, promoting contemplative practices through student activities, an elective course, weekly meditations, and alumni offerings.

Mindful Lawyering Practice Group

The Mindful Lawyering Practice Group encourages alumni in the use of mindfulness practices to manage the stress of the legal profession, improve legal judgment and professional focus, and to adopt life practices that allow for optimum work/life balance. If you would like to join this group, go to: Practice Group Interest Survey.

CLEs in Mindfulness Practices 

Presenters Erica Braudy ’13 and the Hon. Maria Arias, February 2017, CLE Deep Listening.

Pictured: Presenters Erica Braudy ’13 and the Hon. Maria Arias, February 2017, Deep Listening CLE.

The Haywood Burns Social Justice Retreat

Each year, the CUNY Contemplative Urban Law Project, CCULP, sponsors an annual weekend retreat in which students, alumni, staff, and faculty participate together in reflecting on their roles in social justice.

This year’s retreat is: March 30, 2018 – April 1, 2018

CCULP raises funds so that students do not have to worry about the cost of the weekend. This year, the retreat will take place from Friday evening, March 30, 2018, through noon on Sunday, April 1, 2018, at Blue Cliff Monastery in Pine Bush, NY. The 2018 theme will be sustainability, both individually and collectively, as a community. Car pools are encouraged. If you are interested in attending, please contact Alizabeth Newman ’91 at

Also, if you can contribute to our fundraising effort, please do so here: Support CCULP Retreat Sp2018

CUNY Contemplative Retreat, Spring 2017.

Pictured: CUNY Contemplative Retreat, Spring 2017.