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The Community Legal Resource Network

The Community Legal Resource Network, (CLRN) provides innovative support for CUNY Law graduates in having fulfilling, social justice careers from law school through retirement.

Alumni Initiatives

Alumni Initiatives continue through the Community Legal Resource Network or CLRN, in the categories of Ongoing Training and Development, Low Bono Access to Justice Programs and Lawyering in Community. Read on to see all that is happening!

Ongoing Training and Development

Low Bono Access to Justice Programs

Lawyering in Community

CUNY Law promotes many ways in which alumni can continue to practice law in community. Some might be using innovative models of lawyering in specific communities, while others may be practicing more traditional forms of representation, but are doing so with the benefit of our CUNY alumni network.

The Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN)

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Did You Know?

At least 30 CUNY Law grads have served as judges in NY and beyond.